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Name: Piotr
Verschickt: 10.12.2012 7:35:45

A performance CDI suolhd be used with other modifications If the engine is stock its not really worth it. However, An Inner Rotor Kit DOES help a lot It replaces the stock flywheel and ignition..most also come with a coil. You can find em on Ebay for $ 40..they are chinese so take your chances but I havnt had any issues and they really do help with reving faster since there is less weight do to smaller flywheel.
Name: lukas
Verschickt: 21.11.2012 12:05:57

Hallo haben Sie noch arta box?


Name: Norman Hemphill
Verschickt: 17.11.2012 22:29:42

email details to normanhemp@yahoo.co.uk
Name: Norman Hemphill
Verschickt: 17.11.2012 22:26:55

Is it possible to tell me the cost of replacing hard drive on test book and how does the flash drive work

Name: Eric Lafontaine
Verschickt: 05.11.2012 23:16:00


Do you make yet the Arta box ?. What is the difference between "Fertig bestückte Platine" and "ARTA Box komplett" which can explain the difference of the price ?.

What will be the price and the delay for sending to france?.

Thank you...my electronic' address for the response: eric.lafontaine@bbox.fr

Name: Dan
Verschickt: 20.10.2012 14:46:03

Danke fur den pinout KAC-521. Australia.
Name: jaime chavarria
Verschickt: 02.10.2012 5:47:17

hello I explain my problem with t1 testbook
I want to know if they can provide for the installation program will damage the computer and want to install it again, I want to know which operating system you have to install the software and T1 testbook

a greeting

PD. my email is jochm1969@gmail.com

Name: jaime chavarria
Verschickt: 31.10.2012 10:15:36

hello I explain my problem with t1 testbook
I want to know if they can provide for the installation program will damage the computer and want to install it again, I want to know which operating system you have to install the software and T1 testbook

a greeting

You need to install the basic system from the Rover CD. It's a quite tricky process, but we have done it several times.

Name: David Grant
Verschickt: 29.09.2012 11:55:39

Hi i am very intersted in a MPI ECU and if its finished i would like to buy one please let me know
shithotsailor AT hotmail DOT com



Name: Luc
Verschickt: 31.08.2012 0:35:43

Hi, I'm interested in the ARTA complete box. Please provide me the necessary details for the payment through Paypal (shipping will be to the Netherlands). My email adress is:

Best regards,